Our company

WECK, AEBY & CIE SA operates property rental, brokerage and condominium administration.


Founded in Fribourg by Hippolyte de Weck and Paul Aeby in 1867 as a private bank, WeckAeby has a history that goes hand in hand with the economic development of its canton. It was another time: in the city of Fribourg lived only 8,000 inhabitants and the regional economic activity was essentially agricultural, with some small factories and manufactures; trade was underdeveloped and industry was virtually inexistant. Despite goodwill, scarcity paralyzed any initiative

Aware of the situation, the two founders devoted all their energy to granting loans that enabled investments to be activated and the entire economy to be stimulated. These two forward-thinkers also played an important role in Western Switzerland railways development.

In 1953, WECK, AEBY & CIE SA transferred its banking activity to UBS and from that moment devoted itself exclusively to real estate management.


Real estate management is WECK-AEBY’s expertise. Our market knowledge and our experience are the guarantee of professional and efficient management of your assets, whether it is the management of buildings (rental, administrative and commercial) or condominium’s administration. In the event of a purchase or sale, our agents can be solicitated for expert appraisals and real estate brokerage.

Shopping center management requires specific skills that WECK-AEBY developped for many years all over the country, within its CENTER MANAGEMENT department.

WECK-AEBY’s fifty employees and managers with federal diplomas in real estate, accounting and finance, ensure personalized management for each of its clients. The staff’s language skills make it possible to respond to all requests in French, German, English and Italian.

WECK-AEBY is a member of the Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals (USPI), the Chamber of Certified Real Estate Managers (ARCID), the Swiss Chamber of Expert Property Valuers (CEI) and the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI).