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Votre salle de bain, cette jungle luxuriante

Votre salle de bain, cette jungle luxuriante

Cultivez votre salle de bain en mode « jungle intérieure », pour jouer à Tarzan dans votre baignoire ! Imaginez la scène. Quand on ouvre la porte, on pénètre dans un monde de merveilles chlorophyllifères : des plantes exotiques partout, suspendues, posées au bord du lavabo, sur le rebord de la fenêtre…

Pour vous mettre dans le bain, voici quelques conseils d'aménagement et un certain nombre d’arguments pour convaincre votre partenaire ou vos colocataires que ce concept est une excellente idée, et enfin pouvoir faire votre toilette dans une atmosphère vivifiante.


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150 ANS !

weckaebyEn 1867, nous étions déjà là. Weck-Aeby fête cette année ces 150 ans! #150ans #fribourg #fribourghappy #jubilé #histoire #immo #immobilier #logo #campaign #teaser #ad #suisse
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Thanks to his market knowledge, WECK-AEBY is your privileged partner when it comes to renting or buying a property.
Discover our properties which concord with your own research criteria.


As a group, WECK-AEBY is formed by four specialized companies :

WECK, AEBY & CIE SA operates property rental, brokerage and condominium administration
PRIVAMOB SA is a real estate management agency based in Lausanne, which was acquired by WECK-AEBY in 2016
WA RISK MANAGEMENT SA offers various insurance solutions for businesses, with a field of expertise in real estate risk management
WA DÉVELOPPEMENT SA offers turnkey solutions for administrative space or malls










Founded in Fribourg by Hippolyte de Weck and Paul Aeby in 1867 as a private bank, WeckAeby has a history that goes hand in hand with the economic development of its canton. It was another time: in the city of Fribourg lived only 8,000 inhabitants and the regional economic activity was essentially agricultural, with some small factories and manufactures; trade was underdeveloped and industry was virtually inexistant. Despite goodwill, scarcity paralyzed any initiative

Aware of the situation, the two founders devoted all their energy to granting loans that enabled investments to be activated and the entire economy to be stimulated. These two forward-thinkers also played an important role in Western Switzerland railways development.

In 1953, WECK, AEBY & CIE SA transferred its banking activity to UBS and from that moment devoted itself exclusively to real estate management.
Real estate management is WECK-AEBY's expertise. Our market knowledge and our experience are the guarantee of professional and efficient management of your assets, whether it is the management of buildings (rental, administrative and commercial) or condominium's administration. In the event of a purchase or sale, our agents can be solicitated for expert appraisals and real estate brokerage.

Shopping center management requires specific skills that WECK-AEBY developped for many years all over the country, within its CENTER MANAGEMENT department.

WECK-AEBY's fifty employees and managers with federal diplomas in real estate, accounting and finance, ensure personalized management for each of its clients. The staff's language skills make it possible to respond to all requests in French, German, English and Italian.

WECK-AEBY is a member of the Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals (USPI), the Chamber of Certified Real Estate Managers (ARCID), the Swiss Chamber of Expert Property Valuers (CEI) and the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI).
  • collection of rents and miscellaneous income
  • verification of payments and reminders (litigation)
  • processing and payment of suppliers and service providers
  • preparation of management accounts (quarterly, semi-annual, annual), according to the principal's needs
  • heating and operating costs statements
  • VAT statements for taxable buildings
  • candidate research and management
  • drawing up contracts and amendments
  • notification of contractual amendments
  • visits of vacant properties
  • advertising and resources allocations management
  • project's study and assessment
  • pricing and establishment of rental statements
  • establishment of communication strategy and advertising budget
  • organisation of visits through "open house days"
  • drafting and conclusion of lease contracts
  • commissioning of the general and specific services of the building
  • assistance to the client in the acceptance of the work
  • conclusion of maintenance contracts
  • routine building maintenance
  • building inspection and verification of the various components
  • collection and delivery of rented objects (inventory of fixtures)
  • inventory of the work to be carried out in the short, medium and long term (planning)
  • development and management of renovation projects (analysis, financing, tendering and work
  • development and implementation of operating, safety and energy management concepts
  • definition of activity zones and distribution of functions among stakeholders
  • development and implementation of common and specific cost allocation keys
  • creation of traders' associations and participation in the promotion of shopping centres
  • planning and organisation of centers' openings
  • valorization and remarketing of vacant surfaces
  • routine building maintenance
  • accounting and documents filing
  • common charges and expenses allocation among the co-owners
  • payment of common expenses (taxes, insurance, suppliers, janitorial service)
  • control of the general services of the building
  • carrying out maintenance work and routine repairs
  • preparation and presentation of the budget including management of the renovation fund
  • convening and holding general meetings
  • control of compliance with the rules of administration and use
  • representation of the community of co-owners towards third parties
  • collection of basic documents (location plan, extract from the land register, insurance policies, etc.)
  • site visit
  • expert appraisals accounting for the situation of the object, market and optimisation potential
  • expertise reports are generally prepared in collaboration with an architect
For flats, homes and buildings :

  • analysis and counsel for property sale
  • creation of sales documentations
  • development of an advertising budget and distribution management via press and/or internet
  • personalized visits and/or open house days
  • assistance to the buyer in his financing procedures
  • report on the steps taken

Privamob SA is a real estate management agency which was founded in 1999 in Lausanne. WECK-AEBY acquired it in 2016. With thirteen employees sharing the same values of ethics, customer proximity and quality of service, Privamob SA independently operates under its own name

WA Risk Management Ltd is an insurance broker agency active in the following fields of expertise:

The volume of insurance assets currently managed by WA Risk Management Ltd exceeds CHF 2 billion. For the benefit of private and institutional investors, swiss or foreign, the company offers the following services:

  • implementation of partial or all-risk insurance concepts, for property protection and profitability
  • long-term adequacy of premiums to insured risks
  • providing solutions to particular risks such as earthquakes, acts of terrorism or differences with state institutions
  • full reporting and interest defence of secured creditors
  • claims support and coordination
  • comprehensive risk management, including advisory services, administrative management and claims support
  • pension management, also extended to managers and board members
  • analysis and implementation of service concepts according to current and future needs and capacities
  • adaptation and update of existing insurance portfolios
WA Risk Management Ltd answers the growing awareness of the population to seismic risks, mainly due to the difficulty of state institutions to provide a national-level solution.

WA Risk Management SA distributes two insurance products featuring different coverage and cost options via the Internet, exclusively in French-speaking Switzerland. One of these products is offered by a major player in the Swiss insurance market and the other by a worldrenowned foreign company.
WA DEVELOPMENT Ltd sets up commercial and administrative premises rented by top-quality brands. These commercial areas are located on the outskirts of medium and large cities. In recent years, the company has developed more than 70,000 m2 throughout Switzerland.

WA DEVELOPMENT Ltd offers turnkey services ranging from parcel research to construction request, to the development of projects in collaboration with renowned general contractors, as well as the marketing and resale of the built areas to investors.

Finally, an end investor can also integrate a project from the early planning stages thanks to WA DEVELOPMENT Ltd business model.

Our team

A company which delivers services value its quality through its coworkers. WECK-AEBY is pleased to rely on a professional, dynamic and committed team. This human capital embodies the company's wealth, which is constantly concerned about continuous staff developpment.


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